Take Me to Your Homie

Published August 9, 2012 by Elsa Pla

Here’s a fun little exercise on dialogue and humor:

Compose a short scene that includes a humorous conversation.

Here’s my attempt:

An encounter between a middle-school student and an extraterrestrial being:

The spaceship’s door slid open, and an alien being that looked like a beet-red, fish-headed monkey wearing a green, super-hero outfit stepped out.

“Yo!” said the alien while lifting one of its four-finger paws. “Take me to your homie.”

“Is that you, Leroy?” I asked, rolling my eyes. “Don’t mess with me.”

The alien was quiet. We stared at each other for a few seconds. I heard a soft whirring, as if someone was re-winding a tape.

“Howdy, partner!” This time the alien pretended to salute me with what I presumed to be an invisible cowboy hat. “Is your boss at the ranch?”

“What? Leroy, take off that silly suit. I’m gonna tell your mama you’re playing that stupid Green Lantern game again.”

“¿Habla Español, señorita?” asked the alien.

“Very funny, Leroy, but you don’t fool me. You sound just like yourself.”

The alien made a sound that was a cross between a sigh and a burp. Then it turned around and started to step back into the spaceship.

“Wait up, Leroy! Just where you think you’re goin’? Don’t you remember we have a meeting with the principal?”

I grabbed a four-finger paw and marched off toward the school building, pulling the burping alien behind me. I grinned as I imagined the principal’s expression when she sees me walk into her office with an extraterrestrial, fish-headed monkey.

Silly, but fun!

Try it! 🙂

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