Just for Fun

Published July 16, 2012 by Elsa Pla

Let’s lighten up a little…

Write a description, using sensory details and at least one simile, of an encounter with a villain or a monster.

Here’s my attempt, inspired by a picture of a zombie-like vampire:

When I first glimpsed the creature, I was terrified. It was one ugly monster. Then my fear turned to revulsion. Finally, I just felt sorry for the guy. Who was the fool who came up with the notion that vampires are good-looking? This thing was as handsome as a plate of moldy leftovers. Its skin looked like a flaky leather bodysuit, and its nails were grubby and absurdly long. A rotten vegetable stench wafted from its desiccated body — I bet it hadn’t taken a bath in a long, long time. Its eyes were bloodshot, like it hadn’t slept in decades. And its teeth were… let’s just say the thing was in dire need of dental work. It had obviously tried to trim its ridiculous hair, but of course, not in front of a mirror. I could tell it was seriously peeved, though granted, I would feel the same way if I were stuck wearing that dorky tweed coat and that silly red scarf.

“Pathetic,” I muttered as I deftly unsheathed my wooden sword.

The vampire scrunched its leathery brow and hissed. Then it made the same mistake they all make: it attacked me.

I lunged forward like lightning and yelled, “Die, you filthy animal!”


Fun times! Now you try it! 🙂



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